Rack inspection and rack testing

according to DIN EN 15635 & DGUV regulation 108-007 (former BGR 234)

As employer or warehouse operator, you are obliged to inspect racking and storage facilities. This obligation is defined in DGUV rule 108-007 and DIN EN 15635. As certified expert rack inspectors (qualified rack inspectors), we as SNI-Nord Regaltechnik inspect your rack systems nationwide, independently of their manufacturer and in accordance to the regulations for defects and faults. Our rack inspections and rack checks are of course carried out in accordance with DIN EN 15635 and DGUV rule 108-007 (formerly BGR 234).</


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Association of shelf inspectors

To whom does the inspection obligation apply?

Each warehouse operator is independently responsible for the faultless condition of their work equipment in accordance with § 10 of the BetrSichV as well as for the safety of the employees in accordance with § 4 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Where racking systems and storage equipment are used for storage and which are thus regarded as technical work equipment, the annual safety test and inspection of the assembled racking systems is mandatory.

This obligation is regulated by the Industrial Safety Regulation (§ 10 BetrSichV). DIN EN 15635 also regulates the inspection of racking systems, specifies the scope and procedure and defines the threshold values for risk assessment.

SNI Nord Regaltechnik employee carries out rack inspection

Which racks must be tested according to DIN EN 15635?

The inspection obligation applies to:

  • Pallet racks
  • Rack racks
  • Multi-storey facilities
  • Cantilever racks
  • Drive-in racks
  • Drive-through and flow racks
  • manually operated racks

How often must racking and storage equipment be inspected?

Legally, a rack inspection has to be carried out once a year respectively every 12 months. Only the regular control and preparation of a risk assessment (risk analysis) ensures your legal compliance as a warehouse operator and can guarantee the safety of your employees and the protection of your goods.

Your benefits through the rack inspection:

  • By means of inspection you ensure safety in your storage facility
  • Regular inspections increase the service life of your racks
  • Early damage detection reduces the risk of accidents

Who may carry out rack inspections and rack checks?

Rack testing or inspection may only be carried out by a certified rack tester or rack inspector or by a competent and trained expert.

Rack testing with SNI-Nord

For the legally compliant and qualified execution of a rack inspection according to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV rule 108-007, professional competence and many years of experience in rack technology alone do not suffice. A qualified person must also complete a training as a rack inspector (a seminar lasting several days) and pass an exam to be certified to inspect racks independently of manufacturers as an official rack inspector.

As rack inspectors, our trained employees have many years of experience in rack inspections and will assess the status and condition of your rack systems during the annual rack inspection. Our employees will record any defects found during an inspection in a protocol in accordance with the damage classes. As part of the racking inspection, they will also make recommendations for the elimination of defects and racking repairs as well as for the future prevention of damage – thus ensuring that you fulfil your duty and that your racking and storage equipment is safe.

In addition to rack inspection, we can of course also carry out any necessary rack repairs at your premises.

Rack inspection and rack testing during operation

We at SNI-Nord inspect all racking systems while they are being operated without disturbing workers nor certain work processes. You benefit from an inspection of the racks without downtime or hold-ups in the warehouse!

SNI-Nord employee carries out rack inspection

The scope of rack testing with SNI-Nord

  • General condition
  • Stability and tilt resistance
  • Professional assembly
  • Completeness and damage of components and protective devices
  • Load carriers and load: suitability and arrangement

Our services within the scope of rack inspection:

  • In consultation with the client, we coordinate the date for the rack inspection with you.
  • Our certified rack inspectors visually inspect all storage facilities and their compliance with the regulations of the professional association according to DGUV rule 108-007 (formerly BGR 234).
  • We check all actual and approved loads
  • Visible damage to the rack components is determined by visual inspection in accordance with DIN EN 15635. Damaged components are clearly marked and damage is expertly assessed Geschädigte Bauteile werden deutlich gekennzeichnet und Schäden fachmännisch beurteilt.
  • Racking system and construction are compared with the load label and updated.
  • Our rack inspectors evaluate components of the rack system according to the severity of the damage. A list of necessary replacement parts is prepared for damaged or missing rack components.
  • Those responsible for the project prepare a comprehensive quotation, free of charge, for the necessary repair of the rack system.
  • checklist and picture documentation on CD are used to record the damage to the racking at each location.
  • Based on the inspection report, we prepare an inspection protocol (acceptance report), as any visual inspections must be documented and filed in the company. You will receive all necessary documents and protocols in a folder.
  • We instruct the safety officer on site for each operation to carry out regular inspections during the year.
  • If we do not find any defects, faults or damage during the inspection of your racking system, we record this with a test badge and detailed documentation of the racking inspection.

Your benefits with SNI-Nord by your side

We carry out rack inspections in accordance with DIN EN 15635 and DGUV regulation 108-007 throughout Germany. With our service points, we ensure a nationwide inspection service and guarantee short travel times and optimal performance on site! With our support, you – as location operator – will comply with the obligation of having your racks inspected.

  • Many years of experience and member of the Association of Rack Inspectors
  • Independent of manufacturer
  • Active nationwide thanks to service points throughout Germany
  • Date depending on your availability
  • Rack inspection during operation without incurring downtime or standstill in the warehouse

As a reliable partner, we professionally and reliably carry out the annually recurring UVV inspections in your company.

Nonbinding inquiry

Would you like to have your racking systems or storage equipment inspected flexibly, professionally and in accordance with the guidelines? Then simply contact us – by phone (+49 (0) 4431 - 7482748), e-mail (info@sni-nord.de) or conveniently via our contact form.

Have your rack inspection carried out by professionals.

We would be pleased to send you a nonbinding offer or advise you on site

SNI Nord test certificate DEKRA

Specialist company declaration rack maintenance

SNI Nord GmbH Regaltechnik is your partner for innovative rack technology.

As a specialised company, we declare that our services are carried out according to the recognised state of the art. We accomplish our work according to the applicable regulations, standards and ordinances.

We have a material test certificate 3.1 for the processed materials. Repairs are carried out on the basis of existing static studies of an independent structural engineer.

We guarantee the load-bearing capacity of the racks repaired by us as stated on the load plate.

Our company is registered as an industrial specialist company with the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Oldenburg).

Association of shelf inspectors