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Rack maintenance and rack repair

Many factors lead to racking systems, high racks and racking systems being damaged or not being able to withstand the exposed load. For example, incorrectly stored pallets overload the inner supports and beams. Torn or unprofessional welded seams or damaged rack supports no longer meet the high safety requirements generally applicable to rack systems. In many cases, a rack repair is more cost-effective and time-saving than a replacement.

If we discover such or similar defects during the rack inspection, you should act immediately: either by repairing the rack immediately or by arranging for regular rack maintenance to prevent the need for repairs. We offer our nationwide customers the organisation of the repair of damaged rack parts, defective rack beams and rack stands. This is the only way to ensure a safe work environment in the warehouse within the shortest possible time after the rack maintenance took place. As an industrial specialist company for rack technology equipped with a DEKRA test certificate, we ensure the operational safety in a warehouse by repairing racks.

The advantages of rack repair

  • Low time and cost expenditure
  • No downtime as repairs can be carried out during operation
  • Restoration of viability

Rack repairs with structural analysis at SNI-Nord

In the case of a rack repair, we repair your defective storage equipment by using static profiles. We repair the rack columns with the help of specially manufactured sheet metal constructions. The applied construction repair procedure was subjected to a pressure test with 16 T & 20 T by DEKRA. As the test did not reveal any deformations, our profile received the DEKRA test certificate with the certificate number 2014-423-00054-01.

Please note: Damaged rack parts and storage equipment should not be repaired but replaced, as they endanger the general operational safety! By means of a static analysis we can prove that our static profiles are self-supporting. The damaged components are thus considered as replaced. We also replace – if required – defective horizontal and diagonal beams during rack repair.


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Neuartiges Verfahren zur Regalinstandsetzung/Regalreparatur einfach und unkompliziert (patentiert by SNI Nord)

Bezeichnung: Verfahren zum Richten, Verfahren zum Instandsetzen und Pressvorrichtung zum Richten eines verformten Tragprofils Patentnummer: DE10 2019 100 204

Das neuartige und innovative Verfahren zum Richten, Verfahren zum Instandsetzen und Pressvorrichtung zum Richten eines verformten Tragprofils ermöglicht es unkompliziert das verformte Tragprofil mittels einer hydraulischen Presse zunächst zu richten und wieder(in den Originalzustand)zu bringen. Danach wird ein Statisches Reparaturprofil zur Verstärkung um das vorher betroffene Tragprofil gesetzt und dieses verbunden.  Der Vorteil hierin ist, dass die Reparatur weitaus weniger aufwändig und umständlich ist, denn bisher musste das Tragprofil des Regalständers ausgetauscht werden. Hierzu war es notwendig das Regal vor der Reparatur zu entladen und ggf. auch teilweise zu zerlegen. Unser neuartiges Verfahren ist daher:

  • unkompliziert
  • einfacher
  • zeitsparend
  • präventiv

Before and after comparison

We would be pleased to show you a before/after comparison of our professional rack repairs on individual rack systems.

Damaged rack system
Repaired rack support with sheet metal construction
Damaged rack system
Reinforced rack support with sheet metal construction

Rack maintenance and rack repair during operation

Just like our inspection, our maintenance and repairs are carried out during the ongoing operation of the warehouse. This way, we promise that there will be no warehouse downtime.

Have your rack repaired quickly and cost-effectively.

We would be glad to advise you at your location or make you a nonbinding offer.

Our services include:

  • Pallet rack safety nets: With our safety nets we make your pallet storage system safer.
  • Corrosion on racking systems: A special surface treatment applied during rack repair prevents and/or stops the corrosion on your rack systems.
  • Static new allocation: For racking systems without static proof, we will provide you with a static new allocation within the framework of the racking repair.

Specialist company declaration of rack technology, rack maintenance and rack repair

SNI Nord GmbH Regaltechnik is your partner for innovative rack technology.

As a specialised company, we declare that our services are carried out according to the recognised state of the art. We accomplish our work according to the applicable regulations, standards and ordinances.

We guarantee the load-bearing capacity of the racks repaired by us as stated on the load plate.

Our company is registered as an industrial specialist company with the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Oldenburg).